Tomás García Blanco


Executive Managing Director of Exploration & Production

Tomás García Blanco, Executive Managing Director of Exploration and Production, Repsol, is also a member of Repsol’s Corporate Executive Committee. His division oversees Repsol’s upstream assets worldwide with a focus on safe operations and improving profitability. As part of his duties, Mr. García Blanco is in charge of identifying business opportunities and liaising with local government authorities. As of July 2018, he was the Regional Executive Director for Europe, Africa, and Brazil, and member of the Upstream Executive Committee. Mr. García Blanco has been at Repsol for 28 years, focusing on the Exploration and Production business. Since joining Repsol in 1990, he has worked in 12 countries, starting as a field engineer and moving on to his current position as head of his business unit. During Mr. García Blanco’s early years at Repsol, he worked as an offshore operations engineer in Spain, Egypt, and later as a reservoir engineer in Libya. He then took on managerial positions in Venezuela and Argentina, including Patagonia Business Unit Director. Later, Mr. García Blanco became Technical Director and Executive Director for Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil, CEO for Repsol Sinopec Brazil, and Regional Executive Director for the US, Trinidad & Tobago, and Brazil. 

SESSIONS WITH Tomás García Blanco