Shahzad Rana

Microsoft Norway

National Technology Officer

Shahzad Rana is National Technology Officer (CTO) in Microsoft Norway, part of a global Microsoft community focusing on strategic, multi-year engagements. Rana is passionate about helping shape the emerging market environment in the public sector and across industries, as well as supporting the long-term growth of Microsoft’s partner ecosystem. Rana has been in the Norwegian ICT industry his entire professional career with successful experience as a serial entrepreneur. He’s a well-respected external speaker and likes to challenge the status quo and hunt for transformational opportunities enabled through digital technology. Rana is also active in public engagements like Energi21 – a National strategy group for research, development, demonstration and commercialization of new, climate-friendly energy technology and The Research Council of Norway’s portfolio board on Enabling Technologies.


Tuesday, 2 March

  • 12:30pm - 12:50pm (CST) / 02/mar/2021 06:30 pm - 02/mar/2021 06:50 pm

    Agora Pod

    Innovating for the Future of Carbon Transport & Storage with Northern Lights

    Presentation Innovation & Technology Decarbonization Pathways

    With the catastrophic effects of climate change knocking at the world’s door, urgent action is needed. Countries and industries are coming together to create economic models to address today’s challenges while providing more sustainable opportunities for growth. After years of underinvestment, momentum is building, and significant capital being committed to CCUS. This momentum is driven by a combination of factors: strengthened climate commitments, increased government support, technology advances, and stronger investment incentives. CCUS is a critical tool to reduce CO2 emissions and the EIA estimates that CCUS can help to abate 600 billion tons of CO2 over the next 50 years.