Scott Parent

Baker Hughes Digital Solutions and Enterprise Technology

Chief Technology Officer

Scott Parent is the Chief Technology Officer for Baker Hughes Digital Solutions and Enterprise Technology. In this role he is responsible for driving disruptive digital solutions across the company and industry, strategic marketing, additive manufacturing as well as oversees three enterprise innovation centers located in Oklahoma, USA, Houston, USA and Mumbai, India. Parent also co-leads the Baker Hughes Technology Leadership Council where he, and several key leaders, is responsible for the adoption of new technology, resources, and new partnerships to deliver the tech edge to customers and navigate the energy transition. Prior to joining Baker Hughes, Parent was the Chief Operating Officer of GE’s Distributed Power business where he led engineering, sourcing, and manufacturing to support GE Power’s aero and reciprocating engines technology teams. He rejoined GE in 2013 after more than four years in various roles in the energy and oil and gas industries. He spent time as the Vice President of Technology, Operations at BP, and before joining BP he was the Vice President of Engineering & Technology for Drilling and Evaluation at Baker Hughes. Mr. Parent provides a deep expertise in robotics, analytics, and machine learning. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maine, and a master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from Pennsylvania State University.


Tuesday, 2 March

  • 12:00pm - 12:30pm (CST) / 02/mar/2021 06:00 pm - 02/mar/2021 06:30 pm

    Agora Studio

    Agora Studio: New Frontiers for Manufacturing in a Low-carbon World

    Panel Markets/Economics/Strategy Digitalization Innovation & Technology Energy Transition/Climate & Sustainability Decarbonization Pathways
    As the energy industry transforms itself digitally, it is looking at AI and additive manufacturing (3D printing) technologies for more efficient solutions. These technologies save cost on material production for the energy industry but face challenges in development. Are sufficient materials available for this technology for process implementation and for quality assurance? How is the energy industry responding to a shortage of skilled workforce needed to operate these technologies? What is the best method to address a general lack of IT standards in these revolutionary and evolving technologies? 

Thursday, 4 March

  • 11:00am - 11:20am (CST) / 04/mar/2021 05:00 pm - 04/mar/2021 05:20 pm

    Agora Pod

    Disrupting Design & Manufacturing through Additive Manufacturing & Digital Transformation

    Presentation Digitalization

    The world is changing. Industries are adapting to current market conditions and changes to operations. We are in the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution where infrastructure, computing power, multi-physics simulations, virtual and augmented reality drive design, validation and manufacturing of new products, enable massive digitalization of industrial processes. This session explores the impact of the digitalization and transformation of design and manufacturing and explores the industrial ecosystem of the future.