Robert Ineson

IHS Markit

Managing Director, Energy

Robert Ineson, Managing Director, Energy, leads the IHS North American Natural Gas and Global LNG research activities for IHS Markit. Mr. Ineson specializes in analysis of North American gas and LNG markets, natural gas pricing and transmission, and corporate strategy. His research focuses on the unconventional natural gas revolution and on the evolution of global LNG markets. Mr. Ineson is a coauthor, with IHS Markit Vice Chairman Daniel Yergin, of The Wall Street Journal op-ed piece “America’s Natural Gas Revolution.” He is a coauthor of the IHS Markit Multiclient Studies Fueling North America’s Energy Future and Rising to the Challenge: Turning North America’s Unconventional Potential into Reality—A Supply Study to 2018. His past work includes the IHS Markit Multiclient Studies Diminishing Returns: The Cost of North American Gas Supply in an Unconventional Era; New Realities, New Risks: North American Gas and Power Scenarios Through 2020; and The Alchemist’s Challenge: Turning the Southern Cone’s Natural Gas into Gold.

Before joining IHS Markit through its acquisition of Cambridge Energy Research Associates, Mr. Ineson was Director of Market Forecasting at Coral Energy. He previously held analytical positions with Texas Eastern, KN Energy, and Tenneco Energy and as Principal of the gas consulting practice at Resource Data International (RDI). He is the author of RDI’s Convergence of Gas and Power and articles on gas transportation modeling, deregulation, and the North American gas market.

Mr. Ineson holds a BA from the State University of New York at Albany and an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.