Philippe Frangules

S&P Global

Vice President, Energy

Philippe A. Frangules is a Vice President, Energy, of S&P Global, responsible for research and consulting in the power, gas, coal, and renewables sectors across the globe. Before joining S&P Global, Mr. Frangules was Co-Founder of Excelergy Corp., a software and Internet service company focused on the intersection of the Internet and energy deregulation. Previously, Mr. Frangules was Vice President of Strategic Planning at Boston Edison Company, worked in strategy consulting with Alliance Consulting and Quantum Associates, and had experience in investment and commercial banking. Mr. Frangules holds a bachelor’s degree from Bowdoin College and a master’s degree from the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Sessions With Philippe Frangules

Thursday, 10 March

  • 10:30am - 11:10am (CST) / 10/mar/2022 04:30 pm - 10/mar/2022 05:10 pm

    Nuclear's Role in Achieving Net Zero

    Panel Hydrogen/Clean Tech & Power

    Across the energy value chain, companies and governments are addressing the challenge of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Nuclear power generation emits no greenhouse gases and can therefore be an important component in the drive toward reducing emissions and combatting climate change. However, nuclear power generation has encountered stubborn obstacles including delays and cost overruns, disposal of high-level waste, and fear of operating accidents. A combination of new technologies, smaller scale plants, and significant nuclear plant development in certain countries may be tipping the scales toward a nuclear renaissance. What are the promises and risks of nuclear power’s role in achieving net zero