Philip Haddad

Masdar Americas LLC

President & Chief Executive Officer

Philip Haddad is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Masdar Americas LLC based in Arlington VA. The firm is responsible for originating, executing and managing Masdar’s activities and its wind, solar, storage and renewables portfolio in the Americas. Until recently, Mr. Haddad was the founder and Managing Partner of the Mubadala Infrastructure Partners (“MIP”) fund and member of the Board of Directors, Executive and Investment Committees. Prior to the formation of MIP in 2008, Mr. Haddad spent over 15 years with Mubadala in Abu Dhabi where he led the Infrastructure and Services groups. His experience lies in developing, investing and operating a number of significant transactions and companies in the infrastructure, defense support services, real estate, aircraft maintenance and repair, logistics, financial services, fleet management, telecommunications and transportation sectors. Mr. Haddad served on a number of boards, including of a non-profit organization. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Affairs from Georgetown University.

Sessions With Philip Haddad

Thursday, 10 March

  • 11:20am - 12:10pm (CST) / 10/mar/2022 05:20 pm - 10/mar/2022 06:10 pm

    Solar Power: Maintaining the growth curve?

    Panel Hydrogen/Clean Tech & Power

    For more than a decade, solar power additions have followed a trajectory of double-digit year-on-year growth, with no signs of levelling off. From having been purely subsidy driven, current drivers combine climate policy, corporate targets to de-risk, green portfolios, and pure economics, as solar has become one of the cheapest sources of electricity in many locations. The scalability of solar also contributes to its success, as distributed generation shifts how power is produced and consumed. What are the fundamentals that are required for solar power to maintain its growth trajectory? Will the current largest markets continue to lead the way? What types of investors will drive future solar power deployment? How will investors adapt to new opportunities and risks?