Paul Vining

Westmoreland Mining LLC

Chairman of the Board

Paul Vining is currently Chairman of the Board, Westmoreland Mining LLC, a position held since October 2019. Mr Vining has held numerous positions in the coal and resource sector over his 40+ year career including: CEO of Minerals Refining Company (2021), Exec VP of Global Investment and Devlopment for Xcoal Energyand Resources (2019-2020) CEO of the Cline Group (2015-2019), the Board of Directors of Foresight Energy LP (NYSE: FELP /2016-2019) During his distinguished career in the coal and minerals industry Mr. Vining has held senior positions with both private and public coal companies including President of Alpha Natural Resources (2011-2015), President and COO of Patriot Coal (2008-2010), CEO of Magnum Coal (2005-2008), Chief Commercial Officer for Arch Coal (2005) and Peabody Energy (1994-2003), and prior to Peabody commercial and marketing positions with Massey Energy, Occidental Petroleum and ENI (Italy). Mr Vining holds MS and BS degrees in Mining and Minerals Engineering from Columbia University and BS in Chemistry from The College of William and Mary.

Sessions With Paul Vining

Thursday, 10 March

  • 05:20pm - 06:05pm (CST) / 10/mar/2022 11:20 pm - 11/mar/2022 12:05 am

    Coal in the Global Energy Mix

    Panel Power & Renewables
    Major figures in the global coal industry discuss the reasons a transition from coal is likely to be far more deliberate and challenging than many perceive. Global coal consumption continues its growth, but the industry is challenged by financial and social pressure. Recent events suggest that a smooth energy transition is elusive. Coal will be prominent in the energy picture for the foreseeable future. How can industry meet the challenge of transitioning to a healthy, environmentally sound and productive coal chain?