Nick Sharma

IHS Markit

Director, Upstream Research & Analysis

Nick Sharma is a Director at IHS Markit bringing close to 20 years of Oil & Gas and Energy experience. Mr. Sharma’s current mandate is to lead the delivery and commercial aspects of IHS Markit’s regional and global upstream research to clients across the Asia Pacific region. Mr. Sharma is an experienced leader in delivering the latest insights on exploration/supply outlook, company strategy/performance, valuations/M&A, costs/supply chain, regulatory/fiscal analysis, government policy, E&P technology, energy transition strategy and emissions management. Mr. Sharma previously led IHS Markit's regional advisory practice for 6 years, working with a range of clients on strategic initiatives (NOCs, IOCs, Independents, Service Companies, Financial Services, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Ministry and Regulators). Mr. Sharma holds a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering from Curtin University of Technology and a Post-Graduate in Oil & Gas Engineer from the University of Western Australia.

Sessions With Nick Sharma

Tuesday, 8 March