Mohsen Bonakdarpour

S&P Global

Consulting Executive Director

Mohsen Bonakdarpour is an Executive Director in the Consulting team of Economic and Country Risk Division at S&P Global, working on industry economics since 1986. He brings more than 35 years of experience in macroeconomic, industry and regional analysis with a strong focus on economic impact assessments and applications of market planning. He has worked with a wide range of clients, helping them to size their markets including a comprehensive project for Intelligent Transportation System of America, undertook contribution and impact analysis, prepared industry and market analysis, and has constructed models to predict product demand to better target marketing efforts. Mohsen has been responsible for development of a detailed regional application (Business Market Insight) and global information and communication technology capability. He has particular expertise in regional economic impact assessment and is fluent in the application of regional economic modeling tools to a wide array of issues and policies. Mr. Bonakdarpour was the project manager US Crude Export study, America’s New Energy Future, and continues to participate in climate scenarios and energy transition. Mohsen worked as a partner with Cisco’s Global Market Intelligence group to build a model to estimate total addressable market for network products and services. The model used Cisco’s internal data, secondary research and third-party information database to estimate addressable market by vertical, sub-vertical, region, and enterprise size segments. The information has become on the forefront of strategic marketing initiative for Cisco via their global market view model and database. Prior to joining S&P Global, he worked at PNR & Associates, a Telecommunication consulting firm and provided customized support to GTE and AT&T. Mohsen also worked at the Center for Social Policy and Community Development. Mr. Bonakdarpour holds an M.A. in Economics and a B.S. in Economics and Computer Science from Temple University.

Sessions With Mohsen Bonakdarpour

Wednesday, 9 March

  • 04:30pm - 05:10pm (CST) / 09/mar/2022 10:30 pm - 09/mar/2022 11:10 pm

    Scaling New Energy Minerals: Supply chains & technologies

    Panel Innovation & Technology Energy Infrastructure/Supply Chain

    As the world gears up for net-zero emissions, demand for metals and minerals is set to soar. Hence energy transition presents a generational challenge for mining companies. Transforming the global economy will require investments on a level not seen in decades, not only to identify and develop resources, but to do so sustainably and cost effectively. What are the possible technological innovations to support growth, and what is the role of advanced analytics in mining and processing to support efficiency gains on the supply side? Which options (such as hydrogen or electric vehicles, sustainable power generation, water management, etc.) can mining companies use to lower their carbon footprint? What are the expected efficiency gains and use of minerals in energy technologies, including electric vehicles?