Meghan Sharp

Beyond Limits

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Meghan Sharp is Beyond Limits’ Chief Operating Officer, with responsibility for the company’s business operations. Beyond Limits breakthrough cognitive technology goes beyond conventional AI, blending deep learning and machine learning tools together with symbolic AI that emulates human intuition to deliver cognitive reasoning and intelligence. Prior to joining Beyond Limits, Meghan was managing director of BP Ventures/Americas, focusing on the transformation of BP core businesses and new opportunities in bio and low carbon products, carbon management, power and storage, advanced mobility, and digital. Over 9 years, she helped build a portfolio of over $600MM invested into more than 50 companies. Meghan is passionate about driving the transition of energy to a lower carbon future while meeting the challenge of today’s energy demand. 

Meghan received her Ph.D. in microbial genetics from the University of California, San Francisco, performed post-doctoral work in plant genetics at the University of Chicago and the Carnegie Institution of Washington at Stanford University, and received her MBA from Columbia University. Meghan also worked with Burrill & Company/Malaysian Life Science Capital Fund in San Francisco, CA, where she advised on palm (biofuel), algal (biofuel), and carbon capture investment opportunities.