Laurent Ruseckas

IHS Markit

Executive Director, Gas, Power & Renewables, EMEA

Laurent Ruseckas is Executive Director, Gas Power & Renewables, EMEA, IHS Markit. Mr. Ruseckas is a leading authority on the oil and gas industry in Eurasia, with a special focus on gas transportation and markets. He has worked for two decades advising international oil and gas companies and institutional investors on energy investment in Eurasia. Mr. Ruseckas first joined CERA (later acquired by IHS Markit) in 1991 and led CERA’s Caspian Energy practice from 1997 to 2003. Since 2009 Mr. Ruseckas has carried out a wide range of consulting engagements, including the Caspian Development Corporation project carried out for the World Bank and European Commission. From 2006 to 2008, Mr. Ruseckas was based in Baku, Azerbaijan as Director of Business Development and head of strategy for Greenoak Holdings Limited, an asset-based company in the oil transportation sector. A Russian speaker, Mr. Ruseckas holds a BA from Harvard University (Cambridge, USA), and he passed comprehensive examinations in the PhD program in political science at Columbia University (New York, United States). He is based in London.

SESSIONS WITH Laurent Ruseckas

Wednesday, 3 March

  • 07:30am - 08:00am (CST) / 03/mar/2021 01:30 pm - 03/mar/2021 02:00 pm

    Strategic Dialogue

    Gas, Energy Security & the Energy Transition in Europe

    Panel Markets/Economics/Strategy Geopolitics/Policy/Regulatory Upstream Oil & Gas Energy Transition/Climate & Sustainability Decarbonization Pathways

    The European Union benefits from a natural gas market that is highly competitive and increasingly interconnected, thanks in part to more than two decades of regulatory reform, cross-border cooperation, and integration with the global gas market. The result has been not only competitive prices but also increasing levels of energy security. Yet the security of European gas supply remains a topic of controversy and dispute, and not only in Europe. The bigger picture shows a European gas industry that is preparing to adapt to a changing role as the EU strengthens its decarbonization targets. How can short-term questions of energy security be addressed while the industry adapts for the energy transition?