Kyle Simpson

G2 Net-Zero LNG

Chief Strategy Officer

Kyle Simpson is Chief Strategy Officer for G2 Net-Zero LNG. He served as Senior Advisor to the U.S. Secretary of Energy for the development and implementation of domestic and international energy policy.  As Associate Deputy Secretary of the Department of Energy, he was responsible for the R&D programs related to energy efficiency, renewable energy, natural gas, oil and coal, and nuclear.  Kyle currently works for Thompson Coburn LLP to assist clients to implement workable incentives and applications for carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS), develop environmentally and economically superior energy projects to integrate efficient technologies and processes for natural gas production, transportation, liquefaction, and emissions free electric power generating systems – including renewable energy, into net-zero emissions LNG manufacturing, sale and export facilities. Mr. Simpson continues to effect the creation and implementation of statutes and regulations that would impact his clients' businesses. Through his career Mr. Simpson has worked for two Governors of Texas and worked for the construction and engineering company Brown and Root, Inc. and held executive positions in several energy companies with U.S. and international assets and businesses including the Coastal Corporation, ANR Pipeline Company, CIG Pipeline Company, and Coastal Refining and Marketing Company.

Sessions With Kyle Simpson