Kunio Nohata

Tokyo Gas

Member of the Board & Senior Executive Officer

Kunio Nohata is a Member of the Board, Senior Managing Executive Officer, and Chief Executive of Global Business Division at Tokyo Gas Co. Ltd. He has been with Tokyo Gas for 36 years. Throughout his career with the company, he has engaged in various fields, managing gas resources; overseas business development, project development; energy sales and service planning, energy solution business; and LNG procurement. He also contributed to the start-up and growth of Gas Malaysia, the first natural gas distribution company throughout Peninsular Malaysia, as a Technical Specialist for energy sales and technical service for industrial customers. Previously, Mr. Nohata has served as a Member of the Board, Senior Executive Officer, and Chief Executive of the Power Business. He has also served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Tokyo Gas Engineering Solution, a subsidiary of Tokyo Gas Co. Ltd., specializing in engineering business. Mr. Nohata holds a Bachelor and a Master of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering, both from Tokyo Institute of Technology.