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Juancho Eekhout

Sempra Infrastructure

Vice President, Business Development

Juancho Eekhout is Vice President for Business Development in Sempra Infrastructure’s LNG and Net Zero Solutions business, based in San Diego, California. In this role, he leads the identification and early-stage development of energy infrastructure projects that help customers meet their LNG and net zero carbon energy needs (including hydrogen, ammonia, CCUS and renewable natural gas). Mr. Eekhout also currently serves as President of the Energy Committee of AmCham Mexico. Prior to this role, Mr. Eekhout was Director General of ECA LNG where he oversaw the launching of the execution phase of the project through the end of the first year of construction. Prior to that, Mr. Eekhout performed in various roles in the Sempra Family of companies including Chief Development Officer at IEnova in Mexico, Director of Power Origination with San Diego Gas & Electric, and Director of Mergers and Acquisitions with Sempra Energy. Mr. Eekhout started his career with BP where he performed in various commercial and commodity trading roles in the U.K. and the Americas. Mr. Eekhout holds degrees in Public Policy from the University of Chicago and in Economics from UCAB in Caracas, Venezuela.

Sessions With Juancho Eekhout

Tuesday, 7 March

Wednesday, 8 March

  • 11:55am - 12:45pm (CST) / 08/mar/2023 05:55 pm - 08/mar/2023 06:45 pm

    Building Out Hydrogen Infrastructure

    Hydrogen/Clean Tech & Power
    In the last year, government incentives have turbocharged interest for green hydrogen. If hydrogen is to meet these ambitions, development needs to accelerate, and costs need to fall. Infrastructure development will be the main driver of cost reduction for delivering hydrogen, but success is also linked to scale. How can this conundrum be solved? How can industry create and develop a global hydrogen trade to join hydrogen supply with potential buyers? How can projects receive proper financing? Are the business models suitably established?