Emre Gençer

MIT Energy Initiative

Research Scientist

Emre Gençer is a research scientist at the MIT Energy Initiative. The central theme of his research is to identify optimal utilization of resources for the evolving energy system. His research focuses on integration of emerging and conventional energy technologies, their policy implications, multi-scale modeling, and optimization. Currently, Dr. Gençer is working on developing a novel software platform—Sustainable Energy Systems Analysis Modeling Environment (SESAME). This platform provides comprehensive cost and sustainability assessment for the electric power, transportation, and industrial sectors to decision makers and technology analysts with high technological, temporal, and geospatial resolutions. Dr. Gençer received his BSc in chemical engineering and BSc in mathematics from Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey. He received his PhD in chemical engineering from Purdue University.

Sessions With Emre Gençer

Thursday, 4 March

  • 07:00am - 07:30am (CST) / 04/mar/2021 01:00 pm - 04/mar/2021 01:30 pm

    Agora Studio

    Agora Studio: Decarbonizing the Industrial Sector

    Panel Decarbonization Pathways

    Production of cement, steel, ammonia, and ethylene contribute to nearly half of greenhouse gases in the industrial sector. But new technologies such as electrification of heat, biomass as fuel or feedstock, hydrogen production, and CCS are just some of solutions to reduce industry’s carbon footprint. What is the progress of these technologies and how are they being implemented? Is cost a barrier and what is a realistic timetable to achieve as close to net zero emissions as possible?