Eduardo Bordieri


Strategy and Planning Executive Manager

Eduardo Bordieri has more than 35 years of experience in UPST operations & project management in Brazil and the US Gulf of Mexico During his carrier in Petrobras, he held several leadership positions in well operations, asset operations, upstream and midstream project management and strategic planning. His current position in Petrobras is Strategy Executive. He held a BSc in Civil Engineering in Universidade De Sao Paulo - USP, specialization in Petroleum Engineering in Petrobras and MBA in Business in FGV and INSEAD.

Sessions With Eduardo Bordieri

Monday, 7 March

  • 07:30pm - 09:00pm (CST) / 08/mar/2022 01:30 am - 08/mar/2022 03:00 am

    An Era of Advantaged Petroleum

    Lunch/Dinner Discussion Upstream Oil & Gas

    Upstream companies know that, over the longer term, the energy transition could significantly depress both demand and price levels for petroleum products. Companies will seek to remain profitable by owning assets that contain the planet’s most valuable barrels and molecules; commonly referred to as advantaged petroleum. Advantaged petroleum assets typically will exhibit low finding and development costs; they should deliver production that is dilutive to a company’s existing portfolio in terms of emissions, carbon intensity, and carbon footprint. The risk profile of these assets and the markets they supply should be seen as manageable and relatively stable. Companies need to stay ahead of change to ensure that their petroleum resources remain advantaged. Will the focus on advantaged petroleum leave some basins and players out of the mix, hastening the decline of older, traditional producing areas? What role might certification play; for example, will the concept of responsibly sourced gas expand globally beyond the US arena?