David Victor

University of California, San Diego (UCSD)


David Victor is Professor of International Relations and Co-Director of the Laboratory on International Law and Regulation at University of California, San Diego. He is also Co-Head of the Initiative on Energy and Climate, Brookings Institution. His research focuses on highly regulated industries and how regulation affects the operation of major energy markets. Prior to joining University of California, San Diego, Dr. Victor served as Director of the Program on Energy and Sustainable Development at Stanford University, where he was a Professor at Stanford Law School and taught energy and environmental law. Earlier in his career, he directed the science and technology program at the Council on Foreign Relations and led the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis. Dr. Victor is the author of Global Warming Gridlock: Creating More Effective Strategies for Protecting the Planet, which explains why the world has not made much diplomatic progress on the problem of climate change while also exploring new strategies that would be more effective. Dr. Victor received his BA from Harvard University and his PhD from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Sessions With David Victor

Monday, 1 March

  • 07:30am - 08:00am (CST) / 01/mar/2021 01:30 pm - 01/mar/2021 02:00 pm

    Agora Studio

    Agora Studio: Nature-based Solutions: Answer to carbon mitigation?

    Panel Energy Transition/Climate & Sustainability Decarbonization Pathways

    The energy transition is putting companies under intense pressure to reduce carbon emissions, so many players are looking for innovative ways to cut back on their businesses’ emissions. Natural solutions, including innovative shifts in reforestation, agricultural practice, and mangrove conservation, are helping to mitigate carbon footprints from energy production and consumption, while promoting a healthy, biodiverse ecosystem. What is the carbon-mitigation potential and cost? How do nature-based solutions connect to new climate policy targets to achieve net zero emissions? How can energy companies develop nature-based, non-energy assets?

Friday, 5 March

  • 10:30am - 11:00am (CST) / 05/mar/2021 04:30 pm - 05/mar/2021 05:00 pm

    Agora Studio

    Agora Studio: Digital Innovation & Grid Resilience

    Panel Power & Renewables Digitalization

    In the last decade the pace of digital innovation has significantly accelerated. At the same time, more and more distributed and intermittent power sources are being added to the grid. Furthermore, in the last 12 months, the pattern of consumption have changed as more people are working from home. The electricity grid has been mostly resilient but has remained largely unchanged. In the future, the functionality of the energy delivery systems such as the power grid will have to keep pace with the advances in machine laboring, data analytics, and automation. How will this new era of energy digitalization evolve? What changes are necessary to make the grid resilient for distributed and intermittent power sources and what new policies and regulations are needed to ensure resiliency of power markets?