Chris Rowland

Marathon Petroleum Corporation

Director of Economics and Market Analysis

Dr. Rowland is the Chief Economist for Marathon Petroleum Corporation, one of the world's largest refining companies. As Chief Economist, he leads economic forecasting and analysis for upstream and downstream commodity markets. He and his team focus on short term pricing and disruptions as well as long term forecasting and planning for capital allocation and developing integrated refining strategy. He has spent much of his career in the oil and gas industry, with a majority of that experience focused on fuels, policy, pricing, and transportation. In addition to experience at several major oil companies, immediately prior to joining Marathon, Dr. Rowland was a managing director at Econ One Research, a boutique, economic consulting firm, where he was engaged as an industry and economic expert for litigation involving energy and transportation. He regularly speaks at industry events to varied audiences, providing insight into everything from macroeconomic forecasts and policy expectations to technology adoption rates and renewables integration. Dr. Rowland has a master's in industrial engineering and a doctorate in applied economics from Texas A&M University. He has published works in peer-reviewed, academic journals including Energy Policy, and he is a member of the API Committee on Economics and Statistics.