Charif Souki

Tellurian Inc.

Executive Chairman of the Board

Charif Souki co-founded Tellurian and serves as Executive Chairman of the Board. He also founded Cheniere Energy, Inc. in 1996 and served as Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer and President until December 2015. Prior to Cheniere, Mr. Souki was an investment banker. He serves on the board of trustees of the American University of Beirut and as a member of the Advisory Board of the Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University. He received a BA from Colgate University and an MBA from Columbia University.

Sessions With Charif Souki

Thursday, 4 March

  • 01:00pm - 01:30pm (CST) / 04/mar/2021 07:00 pm - 04/mar/2021 07:30 pm

    Voices of Innovation

    Voices of Innovation: Charif Souki, Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board, Tellurian Inc.

    Interview Innovation & Technology

    A pioneer of the US LNG industry and a leading energy entrepreneur and visionary, Mr. Souki previously founded Cheniere Energy, Inc. In this Voices of Innovation, he will share what led him to pivot overnight from his plans of being an LNG importer to becoming a major US exporter. How does he see the future of energy transition and the role of natural gas? What are the innovation opportunities ahead and how can energy companies seize them? Interviewed by best-selling author Walter Isaacson.