Cesar Velasquez

S&P Global

Senior Resevoir Engineer

Petroleum Engineer (1997) with a Specialization on Integrated Reservoir Management (2010) from Universidad Central of Venezuela. More than 24 years of experience in integrated reservoir analysis, and reservoir characterization (unconventional/conventional formations) in North America, the Middle East, and South America. Active participation in projects related to the Upstream Data Analytics team in S&P Global, which include the implementation of integrated data management workflows using EDM (Enterprise Data Management), and relational databases (SQL/Oracle) connected to machine learning, and artificial intelligence algorithms (i.e., Imputation algorithms) to perform benchmarking analysis, candidate selection and analysis of refractured wells, production performance and forecasting of unconventional resources. Solid knowledge on Rate Transient Analysis (RTA), well testing (PTA) (design/analysis/real-time monitoring), well surveillance, material balance, fluid properties, and reserve estimation. Numerous years of interaction and mentorship with young professionals in how to integrate reservoir engineering skills with other disciplines in the optimization of field development plans. 

Sessions With Cesar Velasquez

Tuesday, 8 March

Wednesday, 9 March