Asaf Nagler

ABB E-mobility Inc.

Vice President External Affairs

Asaf Nagler has worked at the intersection of government, technology, energy, and entrepreneurship for the past decade and is currently Vice President, External Affairs at ABB E-mobility Inc. In his current role, Asaf leads federal and state policy and market development activities for transportation electrification, including implementation of the new federal EV charging programs created by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Prior to joining ABB, Asaf founded two start-ups. The first gathered and analyzed crowd-sourced generation data from distributed solar PV installations to help utilities integrate solar onto their distribution grids. The second, assisted renewable generation asset owners avail themselves of over $100 million in federal grants for capital investments made in new or incremental renewable generation. Before entering the private sector, Asaf served as Chief of Staff to the U.S. Under Secretary of Energy where he helped oversee $37 billion in Recovery Act investments in clean energy and manage $8 billion in annual energy programs including energy efficiency, renewable energy, electric grid, nuclear and fossil energy, and nuclear clean-up. Asaf also served as an attorney and researcher in the White House, the Obama-Biden Transition Team, the Obama Campaign, and in private practice as a civil litigation attorney. He is a graduate of Colgate University and the George Washington University Law School.

Sessions With Asaf Nagler

Tuesday, 8 March

  • 03:30pm - 04:10pm (CST) / 08/mar/2022 09:30 pm - 08/mar/2022 10:10 pm

    Electrified Fleets: The real opportunity to enable the mobility & energy transition?

    Panel Transportation & Mobility/Electrification (EVs/built environment)

    While private consumers generally remain wary of electric vehicle (EV) costs, battery range, and charging availability, a growing number of fleet owners are increasingly ready to make the EV transition. They're driven by the lure of lower costs, more data, the impacts of climate change on their businesses, tightening environmental regulations, and the launch of a wave of new electric cars, trucks, and vans. More fleets are placing bets and aim to become leaders in the mobility and energy transition. How will such fleets transform the automotive industry? How will the electrification of the vehicle fleet enable and unlock the promised EV revolution?