Arwa Al Kindi

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)

Senior Reservoir Engineer

Arwa Abdulmunim Al Kindi, Senior Reservoir Engineer, has been serving the Oil and Gas Industry for the past 3 years in which she was granted the opportunity of technical exposure in both ADNOC Onshore Operating Company and ADNOC Headquarters. Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering from Khalifa University, Arwa initiated her career as a reservoir engineer with a technical passion and an aspiration to serve the United Arab Emirates. Fortunate enough to have had involvement in Key Technical and Strategic Projects, like Al Yah II, Bab Lk-2 Field Development Planning and the first Successful fishbone stimulation pilot within ADNOC, Arwa persists to push her learning boundaries in efforts to lead this sector for the country in the near future. Her current role oversees all Abu Dhabi’s economically challenged developments in which a dynamic strategy is a necessity in order to adopt the outlook of these assets to the fluctuating market conditions.

Sessions With Arwa Al Kindi

Wednesday, 3 March

  • 08:15am - 08:35am (CST) / 03/mar/2021 02:15 pm - 03/mar/2021 02:35 pm

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