• CERAWeek
  • March 18 - 22, 2024

Annette O'Hanlon

S&P Global Inc.

Chief Corporate Responsibility & Diversity Officer

Annette O’Hanlon serves as Chief Corporate Responsibility & Diversity Officer for S&P Global and Board Chair of the S&P Global Foundation. In this role, Annette provides strategic leadership to a global team supporting S&P Global’s philanthropic and diversity initiatives, strategic engagement, employee programs and sustainability practices. Building on a strong foundation, this global team works across the S&P Global businesses to advance its CR and diversity strategy, engage employees, monitor and report on our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance. In her tenure, Annette has held a number of enterprise and divisional roles focused on strategic programs, executive and employee engagement. Prior to S&P Global, she has held management roles with Accenture and Reed Elsevier. Annette holds a bachelor’s degree from Ohio University and a master’s degree from New York University.

Sessions With Annette O'Hanlon

Monday, 6 March

  • 07:30pm - 09:00pm (CST) / 07/mar/2023 01:30 am - 07/mar/2023 03:00 am

    Spotlight Dinner | Diversity in the Workforce: Creating value

    Diversity & Inclusion/Future of Workforce
    Unlocking potential from all corners of the organization requires a hyper focus on all aspects of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). Organizations must take a deeper look at internal processes and practices and have the fortitude to challenge the status quo and enable change. With data and insights organizations can address critical inequities and create greater opportunities for all. Let’s explore how DEI can drive greater business results and how to engage and activate key stakeholders, internally and externally, to advance diversity in the workforce.

Tuesday, 7 March

  • 08:30am - 09:15am (CST) / 07/mar/2023 02:30 pm - 07/mar/2023 03:15 pm

    S&P | Advancing DEI: Actionable Insights to Drive Inclusion and Belonging

    From team members to leaders, boards, shareholders and investors, companies’ stakeholders are increasing their focus on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in driving cultural change and business impact. Against the backdrop of these evolving expectations, how can organizations prioritize DEI and establish policies, practices and programs that are both impactful and good for business. In this session, we will discuss how to embed DEI into business strategy to drive greater accountability, how DEI can help attract and retain top talent, key steps to ensure we are developing and progressing diverse leaders, and strategic and proactive approaches to disclosing data and telling your company’s DEI story, both internally and externally.