Andy Brown


Chief Executive Officer

Andy became CEO of Galp in the beginning of 2021 and is focused on Regenerating the Future of the company by thriving through the Energy Transition. A graduate Engineer from Cambridge University, he subsequently enjoyed a 35-year international career with Royal Dutch Shell in seven countries, responsible amongst other things for establishing and delivering Shell’s business in Qatar. During his last 7 years at Shell he served on the Executive Committee building, the world’s largest Integrated Gas business and as Upstream Director for integrating the acquisition of BG into the company. After leaving Shell and before joining Galp, Andy took on a portfolio of roles including Vice Chairman of SBM, Senior Advisor to McKinsey & Co., Consultant for JMJ and Advisor to ZeroAvia. He is known for his energetic and inspirational leadership, passionate not only about improving business performance, but also about the safety, welfare and development of people.

Sessions With Andy Brown

Monday, 7 March

  • 02:10pm - 02:50pm (CST) / 07/mar/2022 08:10 pm - 07/mar/2022 08:50 pm

    Strategies to Get to Net Zero

    Panel Markets/Economics/Strategy

    In “Net Zero by 2050: A Roadmap for the Global Energy Sector,” IEA stated that net zero by 2050 requires “nothing short of a total transformation of the energy system that underpins our economies,” and “the pathway is narrow but achievable.” The last 24 months has seen a groundswell of net-zero commitments by countries emitting over 90% of GHG. Corporate strategies increasingly recognize the net-zero goal. Meanwhile, after the 2020 pandemic-induced drop, global GHG concentrations increase and annual emissions rise. Net zero by OECD countries and major companies is necessary but insufficient. Can the global economy grow while emissions decline? In order to achieve net zero targets, emissions need to decline within this decade in emerging economies. Is this feasible? Can decarbonization accelerate in the power sector? When can power sector GHG emissions approach zero in OECD and in developing countries? Oil has been the major transportation fuel; transport sector emissions continue to increase. How far can the transport sector be electrified?