Andreas Posavac

S&P Global

Executive Director, Head of Global ESG, M&A and Governance Advisory

Andreas Posavac joined Ipreo by S&P Global in 2004 and is responsible for the firm’s ESG, M&A and Corporate Governance Advisory Group. He runs a global team that supports companies and their C-suite and Investor Relations teams as well as their banking and legal advisers with market intelligence, risk analytics and advisory services focused on institutional investors in the lead up to M&A transactions, general meetings or special situations. His team also works with companies to develop a coherent ESG and engagement strategy to follow legal and industry best practice standards and take advantage of the opportunities in sustainable investments and increased ESG integration. Andreas has deep knowledge of the ESG and corporate governance sensitivities of institutional investors, their relationships to external advisors as proxy advisory and ESG rating firms and can help stakeholders better understand how to address governance and ESG in order to have the greatest impact in minimizing risks and maximizing opportunities in the current capital markets landscape.

Sessions With Andreas Posavac

Thursday, 10 March

  • 07:30am - 08:35am (CST) / 10/mar/2022 01:30 pm - 10/mar/2022 02:35 pm

    Aftershock: Financing the European Energy Transition

    Panel Finance & Investment/Trading & Risk Management/ESG
    In Europe, the energy price shock has sent policymakers scrambling for solutions, but it has not changed the European Union’s fundamental commitment to meet its decarbonization targets on the path toward net-zero emissions with an emphasis on early emissions reductions. Investment banks, fund managers, and private equity are firmly on board with the energy transition and set to play a leading role—not only to live up to the ESG commitments that are becoming fundamental to the mission of many institutions, but also because of the returns that they hope will be available. This discussion will consider key issues in this fast-changing space. What role does the booming market in green bonds play in the transition process? What is the impact of the emerging EU taxonomy for sustainability disclosure? How will the deployment of public funding for emerging areas such as hydrogen influence the transition process?