CERAWeek 2021 Speakers

CERAWeek features a diverse group of speakers including industry and government leaders from over 85 countries


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  • Daniel Yergin

    IHS Markit

    Chairman, CERAWeek

    ["Daniel Yergin","IHS Markit","Chairman, CERAWeek","Executive Conference"]
  • Ben van Beurden

    Royal Dutch Shell plc

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Ben van Beurden","Royal Dutch Shell plc","Chief Executive Officer","Executive Conference"]
  • Patrick Pouyanné

    TOTAL S.A.

    Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Patrick Pouyanné","TOTAL S.A.","Chairman & Chief Executive Officer","Executive Conference"]
  • Ryan Lance


    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

    ["Ryan Lance","ConocoPhillips","Chairman and Chief Executive Officer","Executive Conference"]
  • Vicki Hollub

    Occidental Petroleum

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Vicki Hollub","Occidental Petroleum","President & Chief Executive Officer","Executive Conference"]
  • H.E. Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo

    Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)

    Secretary General

    ["H.E. Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo","Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)","Secretary General","Executive Conference"]
  • Susan Hockfield


    President Emerita and Professor of Neuroscience

    ["Susan Hockfield","MIT","President Emerita and Professor of Neuroscience","Executive Conference"]
  • Jack Fusco

    Cheniere Energy

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Jack Fusco","Cheniere Energy","President & Chief Executive Officer","Executive Conference"]
  • Mayor Sylvester Turner

    City of Houston


    ["Mayor Sylvester Turner","City of Houston","Mayor","Executive Conference"]
  • Pedro Pizarro

    Edison International

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Pedro Pizarro","Edison International","President & Chief Executive Officer","Executive Conference"]
  • Kimberly Scheibe Greene

    Southern Company Services, Inc.

    Chairman, President and CEO

    ["Kimberly Scheibe Greene","Southern Company Services, Inc.","Chairman, President and CEO","Executive Conference"]
  • Mike Wirth


    Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Mike Wirth","Chevron","Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer","Executive Conference"]
  • Pratima Rangarajan

    OGCI Climate Investments

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Pratima Rangarajan","OGCI Climate Investments","Chief Executive Officer","Executive Conference"]
  • Jason Zander

    Microsoft Corporation

    Executive Vice President

    ["Jason Zander","Microsoft Corporation","Executive Vice President","Executive Conference"]
  • Patti Poppe

    CMS Energy

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Patti Poppe","CMS Energy","President & Chief Executive Officer"]
  • René Ortíz

    Republic of Ecuador

    Minister of Energy and Renewable Natural Resources

    ["René Ortíz","Republic of Ecuador","Minister of Energy and Renewable Natural Resources","Executive Conference"]
  • Dr. Ernest Moniz

    Energy Futures Initiative

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Dr. Ernest Moniz","Energy Futures Initiative","President & Chief Executive Officer","Executive Conference"]
  • Mele K. Kyari

    Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)

    Group Managing Director

    ["Mele K. Kyari","Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)","Group Managing Director","Executive Conference"]
  • Bill Vass

    Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    Vice President of Technology

    ["Bill Vass","Amazon Web Services (AWS)","Vice President of Technology","Executive Conference"]
  • Lance Uggla

    IHS Markit

    Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Lance Uggla","IHS Markit","Chairman & Chief Executive Officer","IHS Markit"]
  • Dr. Sunita Narain

    Centre for Science and Environment (CSE)

    Director General

    ["Dr. Sunita Narain","Centre for Science and Environment (CSE)","Director General","Executive Conference"]
  • Ralph Izzo

    Public Service Enterprise Group Incorporated (PSEG)

    Chairman of the Board, President & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Ralph Izzo","Public Service Enterprise Group Incorporated (PSEG)","Chairman of the Board, President & Chief Executive Officer","Executive Conference"]
  • Suzanne Maloney

    The Brookings Institution

    Interim Vice President, Foreign Policy

    ["Suzanne Maloney","The Brookings Institution","Interim Vice President, Foreign Policy","Executive Conference"]
  • William Burns

    Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

    Former Deputy Secretary of State, President

    ["William Burns","Carnegie Endowment for International Peace","Former Deputy Secretary of State, President","Executive Conference"]
  • Charif Souki


    Chairman of the Board

    ["Charif Souki","Tellurian","Chairman of the Board","Executive Conference"]
  • Lorenzo Simonelli

    Baker Hughes

    Chairman, President & CEO

    ["Lorenzo Simonelli","Baker Hughes","Chairman, President & CEO","Executive Conference"]
  • Michael Smith

    Freeport LNG

    Chairman, CEO & Founder

    ["Michael Smith","Freeport LNG","Chairman, CEO & Founder","Executive Conference"]
  • H.E. Saad Sherida Al-Kaabi

    Minister of State for Energy Affairs of Qatar

    Deputy Chairman, President & CEO, Qatar Petroleum

    ["H.E. Saad Sherida Al-Kaabi","Minister of State for Energy Affairs of Qatar","Deputy Chairman, President & CEO, Qatar Petroleum","Executive Conference"]
  • Isabel Studer

    Sostenibilidad Global

    Founding Director

    ["Isabel Studer","Sostenibilidad Global","Founding Director","Executive Conference"]
  • Fernanda Delgado

    FGV Energia

    Professor and Researcher

    ["Fernanda Delgado","FGV Energia","Professor and Researcher","Executive Conference"]
  • Bob Patel

    LyondellBasell Industries

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Bob Patel","LyondellBasell Industries","Chief Executive Officer","Executive Conference"]
  • HE Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber

    Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)

    Minister of State and Director General, Chief Executive Officer of the Abu Dhabi National Oil

    ["HE Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber","Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)","Minister of State and Director General, Chief Executive Officer of the Abu Dhabi National Oil","Executive Conference"]
  • Felipe Bayón

    Ecopetrol S.A.

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Felipe Bayón","Ecopetrol S.A.","Chief Executive Officer","Executive Conference"]
  • Sumant Sinha

    ReNew Power

    Chairman and Managing Director

    ["Sumant Sinha","ReNew Power","Chairman and Managing Director","Executive Conference"]
  • Scott D. Sheffield

    Pioneer Natural Resources Company

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Scott D. Sheffield","Pioneer Natural Resources Company","Chief Executive Officer","Executive Conference"]
  • Nick Akins


    Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Nick Akins","AEP","Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer","Executive Conference"]
  • Øyvind Eriksen

    Aker ASA

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Øyvind Eriksen","Aker ASA","President & Chief Executive Officer","Executive Conference"]
  • Gil Quiniones

    New York Power Authority (NYPA)

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Gil Quiniones","New York Power Authority (NYPA)","President & Chief Executive Officer","Executive Conference"]
  • Richard Jackson


    President, Oxy Low Carbon Ventures

    ["Richard Jackson","Occidental","President, Oxy Low Carbon Ventures","Executive Conference"]
  • Sean Strawbridge

    Port Corpus Christi

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Sean Strawbridge","Port Corpus Christi","Chief Executive Officer","Executive Conference"]
  • John Markus Lervik

    Cognite AS

    Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

    ["John Markus Lervik","Cognite AS","Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer","Executive Conference"]
  • Thad Hill

    Calpine Corporation

    President and Chief Executive Officer

    ["Thad Hill","Calpine Corporation","President and Chief Executive Officer","Executive Conference"]
  • Greg Leveille


    Chief Technology Officer

    ["Greg Leveille","ConocoPhillips","Chief Technology Officer","Executive Conference"]
  • Marcel van Poecke

    Carlyle International Energy Partners (CIEP)

    Head of Carlyle International Energy Fund

    ["Marcel van Poecke","Carlyle International Energy Partners (CIEP)","Head of Carlyle International Energy Fund","Executive Conference"]
  • Mike Sommers

    American Petroleum Institute (API)

    President & CEO

    ["Mike Sommers","American Petroleum Institute (API)","President & CEO","Executive Conference"]
  • Walter Isaacson

    Tulane University

    Author and Professor of History

    ["Walter Isaacson","Tulane University","Author and Professor of History","Executive Conference"]
  • Michael S. Klein

    M. Klein and Company

    Managing Partner

    ["Michael S. Klein","M. Klein and Company","Managing Partner","Executive Conference"]
  • David Victor

    University of California, San Diego

    Co-Director, Deep Decarbonization Initiative

    ["David Victor","University of California, San Diego","Co-Director, Deep Decarbonization Initiative","Executive Conference"]
  • Steve Green

    Chevron North America Exploration and Production Company


    ["Steve Green","Chevron North America Exploration and Production Company","President","Executive Conference"]
  • Pasquale Romano

    ChargePoint Inc.

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Pasquale Romano","ChargePoint Inc.","Chief Executive Officer","Executive Conference"]
  • Antonio Pietri

    Aspen Technology, Inc.

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Antonio Pietri","Aspen Technology, Inc.","President & Chief Executive Officer","Executive Conference"]
  • Jeremy Weir


    Executive Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Jeremy Weir","Trafigura","Executive Chairman & Chief Executive Officer","Executive Conference"]
  • Bruno Biasiotta



    ["Bruno Biasiotta","Nortek","CEO","Executive Conference"]
  • Nicholas N. Eberstadt

    American Enterprise Institute

    Henry Wendt Chair in Political Economy

    ["Nicholas N. Eberstadt","American Enterprise Institute","Henry Wendt Chair in Political Economy","Executive Conference"]
  • Ahmed Hashmi

    BP plc.

    Chief Digital and Technology Officer, Upstream

    ["Ahmed Hashmi","BP plc.","Chief Digital and Technology Officer, Upstream","Executive Conference"]
  • Dr. Robert Armstrong


    Director, MIT Energy Initiative, Chevron Professor of Chemical Engineering

    ["Dr. Robert Armstrong","MIT","Director, MIT Energy Initiative, Chevron Professor of Chemical Engineering","Executive Conference"]
  • Shailesh Sahay


    Senior Regulatory Counsel

    ["Shailesh Sahay","POET, LLC","Senior Regulatory Counsel","Innovation Agora"]
  • Seifi Ghasemi

    Air Products & Chemicals Inc.

    Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Seifi Ghasemi","Air Products & Chemicals Inc.","Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer","Executive Conference"]
  • Al Monaco

    Enbridge Inc.

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Al Monaco","Enbridge Inc.","President & Chief Executive Officer","Executive Conference"]
  • Alan S. Armstrong

    The Williams Companies

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Alan S. Armstrong","The Williams Companies","President & Chief Executive Officer","Executive Conference"]
  • Daniel B. Poneman

    Centrus Energy Corp.

    President & Chief Executive Officer and Former US Deputy Secretary of Energy

    ["Daniel B. Poneman","Centrus Energy Corp.","President & Chief Executive Officer and Former US Deputy Secretary of Energy","Innovation Agora"]
  • Hunter Hunt

    Hunt Energy, LLC

    Chairman & CEO

    ["Hunter Hunt","Hunt Energy, LLC","Chairman & CEO","Executive Conference"]
  • Olivier Le Peuch

    Schlumberger Ltd.

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Olivier Le Peuch","Schlumberger Ltd.","Chief Executive Officer","Executive Conference"]
  • John Absmeier

    Lear Corporation

    Chief Technology Officer

    ["John Absmeier","Lear Corporation","Chief Technology Officer","Innovation Agora"]
  • Sharad Agarwal


    Senior Vice President

    ["Sharad Agarwal","EasyMile","Senior Vice President","Innovation Agora"]
  • Aidan Ali-Sullivan


    Regional Lead, State and Local Public Policy

    ["Aidan Ali-Sullivan","Nuro","Regional Lead, State and Local Public Policy","Innovation Agora"]
  • Everett Anderson

    Nel Hydrogen US

    Vice President

    ["Everett Anderson","Nel Hydrogen US","Vice President","Innovation Agora"]
  • Astrid Atkinson

    Camus Energy


    ["Astrid Atkinson","Camus Energy","CEO","Innovation Agora"]
  • James Bellingham

    Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

    Director, Center for Marine Robotics

    ["James Bellingham","Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution","Director, Center for Marine Robotics","Innovation Agora"]
  • Asher Bennett

    Tevva Motors

    Founder & CEO

    ["Asher Bennett","Tevva Motors","Founder & CEO","Innovation Agora"]
  • Mark Brownstein

    Environmental Defense Fund

    Senior Vice President, Energy

    ["Mark Brownstein","Environmental Defense Fund","Senior Vice President, Energy","Innovation Agora"]
  • Barbara Burger


    President, Chevron Technology Ventures

    ["Barbara Burger","Chevron","President, Chevron Technology Ventures","Innovation Agora"]
  • Douglas Campbell

    Solid Power

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Douglas Campbell","Solid Power","Chief Executive Officer","Innovation Agora"]
  • Jonathan Carling

    Tokamak Energy

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Jonathan Carling","Tokamak Energy","Chief Executive Officer","Innovation Agora"]
  • Arkady Dvorkovich

    Skolkovo Foundation


    ["Arkady Dvorkovich","Skolkovo Foundation","Chairman","Innovation Agora"]
  • Bill Elrick

    CA Fuel Cell Partnership (CaFCP)

    Executive Director

    ["Bill Elrick","CA Fuel Cell Partnership (CaFCP)","Executive Director","Innovation Agora"]
  • Nathanaël Esposito

    RWE Renewables Americas

    President, Solar PV & Storage

    ["Nathanaël Esposito","RWE Renewables Americas","President, Solar PV & Storage","Innovation Agora"]
  • Jonathan Evans

    Lithium Americas Corp.

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Jonathan Evans","Lithium Americas Corp.","President & Chief Executive Officer","Innovation Agora"]
  • Reinhard Fischer

    Volkswagen Group of Americas

    SVP, Strategy VW NAR and VW Group

    ["Reinhard Fischer","Volkswagen Group of Americas","SVP, Strategy VW NAR and VW Group","Innovation Agora"]
  • Henrik Fisker


    Founder, Chairman & CEO

    ["Henrik Fisker","Fisker","Founder, Chairman & CEO","Innovation Agora"]
  • Doron Frenkel


    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Doron Frenkel","Driivz","Chief Executive Officer","Innovation Agora"]
  • Jemma Green


    Co-founder and Chairman

    ["Jemma Green","Powerledger","Co-founder and Chairman","Innovation Agora"]
  • Jerome Gregeois

    Hyundai Kia Technical Center

    US Lead for FCEV Development & Powertrain Senior Manager

    ["Jerome Gregeois","Hyundai Kia Technical Center","US Lead for FCEV Development & Powertrain Senior Manager","Innovation Agora"]
  • Alex Gruzen


    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Alex Gruzen","WiTricity","Chief Executive Officer","Innovation Agora"]
  • Susan Hakkarainen

    Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

    Chairman and Co-CEO

    ["Susan Hakkarainen","Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.","Chairman and Co-CEO","Innovation Agora"]
  • Rebecca Hofmann

    OOC Oil and Gas Blockchain Consortium


    ["Rebecca Hofmann","OOC Oil and Gas Blockchain Consortium","Chairperson","Innovation Agora"]
  • Jennifer Holmgren


    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Jennifer Holmgren","LanzaTech","Chief Executive Officer","Innovation Agora"]
  • Jason Illian

    Koch Disruptive Technologies

    Managing Director

    ["Jason Illian","Koch Disruptive Technologies","Managing Director","Innovation Agora"]
  • Raj Kapoor

    Lyft, Inc.

    Chief Strategy Officer

    ["Raj Kapoor","Lyft, Inc.","Chief Strategy Officer","Innovation Agora"]
  • Roger Kranenburg

    Eversource Energy

    Vice President, Strategy and Policy

    ["Roger Kranenburg","Eversource Energy","Vice President, Strategy and Policy","Innovation Agora"]
  • Bruce Ledesma

    NEXTracker Inc.


    ["Bruce Ledesma","NEXTracker Inc.","President","Innovation Agora"]
  • Thomas B. Leurent



    ["Thomas B. Leurent","Akselos","CEO","Innovation Agora"]
  • Patrick Lindemann

    Schaeffler Group USA, In.

    President Transmission Systems & E-Mobility

    ["Patrick Lindemann","Schaeffler Group USA, In.","President Transmission Systems & E-Mobility","Innovation Agora"]
  • Randy MacEwen

    Ballard Power Systems Inc.

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Randy MacEwen","Ballard Power Systems Inc.","President & Chief Executive Officer","Innovation Agora"]
  • Sergej Mahnovski

    Edison International

    Director, Growth and Innovation

    ["Sergej Mahnovski","Edison International","Director, Growth and Innovation","Innovation Agora"]
  • Bob Mumgaard

    Commonwealth Fusion Systems

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Bob Mumgaard","Commonwealth Fusion Systems","Chief Executive Officer","Innovation Agora"]
  • Aric Ohana

    Envoy Technologies


    ["Aric Ohana","Envoy Technologies","Co-Founder","Innovation Agora"]
  • Jordan Ramer

    EV Connect

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Jordan Ramer","EV Connect","Founder & Chief Executive Officer","Innovation Agora"]
  • Dirk Remde


    Vice President & Head of Innovation Center Silicon Valley

    ["Dirk Remde","Continental","Vice President & Head of Innovation Center Silicon Valley","Innovation Agora"]
  • Johannes Rittershausen

    Convergent Energy + Power

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Johannes Rittershausen","Convergent Energy + Power","Chief Executive Officer","Innovation Agora"]
  • Siddhartha Sachdeva



    ["Siddhartha Sachdeva","Innowatts","CEO","Innovation Agora"]
  • Sebastian Scholz

    Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe

    Program Manager Hydrogen Transformation

    ["Sebastian Scholz","Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe","Program Manager Hydrogen Transformation","Innovation Agora"]
  • Jonathan Toretta

    TAE Technologies

    Senior Vice President, Global Business Development

    ["Jonathan Toretta","TAE Technologies","Senior Vice President, Global Business Development","Innovation Agora"]
  • Arthur Vos


    President & CEO

    ["Arthur Vos","Enbala","President & CEO","Innovation Agora"]
  • Cynthia (CJ) Warner

    Renewable Energy Group (REG)

    President & CEO

    ["Cynthia (CJ) Warner","Renewable Energy Group (REG)","President & CEO","Innovation Agora"]