Top Performing Social Content

3 types of social media content that come out on top when generating successful outcomes at B2B events

"Brands don’t attend events, people do."

That truth needs to lead and inform any and all social media activity that you perform, whether you’re a social media manager, keynote speaker, or attending delegate: being active on social media is important, but, being authentically human is required. That is, if you want to be successful in your efforts. 

Success on social media comes in many, many forms, and your objectives and ways of measuring success should be established before your event, especially if you’re a social media manager or digital influencer. Whether you’re hoping to uplift your brand, amplify your thought leaders, promote a product, or generate leads, it’s key to create a comprehensive and multi-faceted content strategy in which social media is one part of it. But a very important one. 

Through research, collaboration, and tons of social listening (thank you, Brandwatch!) these 4 types of social media content came out on top when generating successful outcomes at B2B events. 

Thought Leadership

B2B events often are a platform for exciting announcements and unveiling of new innovations; breaking news that users want to be able to understand in real-time, from like-minded perspectives. Social media users are savvy enough to know and expect brand accounts to position their message a certain way, and we’re not necessarily in the business of connecting with individuals. But thought leaders offer unique insights, a distinct voice, opinions that facilitate discussion, and more. Promoting and amplifying your thought leader’s expertise helps to put a face to your brand and create a more relatable, authentic experience for your following. Whether through videos, quotes, photos, or longer-form content (like blogs and whitepapers), you can use your thought leader’s expertise to bring more color to your brand. These individuals should be active on social media themselves, promoting their own personal brand and insight as an industry leader to follow. This creates a mutually complimentary relationship between your brand and your leaders, allowing each to expose the other to a wider, but authentically engaged, audience. 


The statistics are undeniable: across all social media platforms, videos sit at the top of the most engaged content. Videos are a great way to take long form content and make it more digestible for a wider audience. B2B events, like CERAWeek, offers a great physical and digital platform to both film and publish videos for social media. Whether you’re capturing the expansive event space, a though leaders’ expertise, a daily-wrap up, or behind the scenes peek at your speaker prepping for their session, videos are undeniably successful on social. How successful? 1200% more shares are generated by social videos than text and images combined. That number alone should convince you: the use of video content is key in your social activity, whether organic, paid, or both. And while there are tons of tools and platforms making it easier than ever to share videos on social media, there are a few rules of thumb you should follow to ensure success: 

1. Closed captions are an absolute must, as most social media users are exploring their feed with the sound off – if hearing the content is key, ensure captions are included in your videos 

2. The shorter the better. Make your content impactful, easy to digest, and under 2 minutes 


Simultaneously providing significant, high-impact value and creating FOMO, wrap-up content keeps both those who are both attending your event on-site and following it online captivated and wanting more. B2B events often host comprehensive, and sometimes overwhelming, agendas that span across multiple topics and industries. It can sometimes feel impossible to regurgitate it all. 

Providing your followers with quick, digestible, easy-to-understand wrap-up content highlighting top takeaways or big news in the form of short videos, micro-blogs, or infographics is a great way to keep the conversation going even after the day has ended. It also provides a goldmine of content to repurpose later into more in-depth research and insights.

-Megan Bradley is the Social Media Strategist for IHS Markit. Connect with Megan on LinkedIn.