Who You May Be Forgetting In Your B2B Social Media Strategy For Your Next Event

You’ve created and finalized all your plans months in advance for your most important event of the year. The agenda has taken shape and your thought leaders have enabled and optimized their social media profiles. Your cross-functional teams -- Events, Brand, Creative, Content/thought leadership, Analytics -- are aligned and collaborating. Your social media strategy is set; right? 

You’re missing something. Something really important. 

I’m going to share why it is critical that you also create a strategy with Internal Communications to harness the power of your most important asset to promote your event -- your employees -- and how you should do it.

Why This is Important 

Of course, not every employee gets to attend high-profile or niche events alongside key executives and thought leaders. But their participation as employee advocates is still vital -- a notion that is still undervalued in the B2B space. 

Companies with a smart social strategy recognize that people trust other people -- not a brand. Aligning with Internal Communications to engage employees, as your most trusted credible advocate, will undoubtedly amplify your event by leveraging every employee’s network.

Not only that, but engaging employees in this way results in the less tangible, but arguably more important benefit of building a more connected culture with invested people. 

So share your most valuable content in channels that make sense for them -- before, during and after the event. They want to follow the event and engage on social media -- especially your millennial employees. 

How To Do It 

We all suffer from information overload in our lives. It’s no different inside of an organization. Following the old adage “less is more” is a sound initial strategy for promoting employee advocacy through internal communications. 

Here are some options: 

  • Build a storyboard from the previous year’s event, or if it’s a new event, grab photos from social media to create one. Photoshop in your brand’s logo when applicable to personalize it and share it on your company’s intranet.
  • Share the list of executives that will be attending along with their relevant clickable social media handles. This will encourage employees to follow key executives and thought leaders and expose your brand to their network reach. 
  • Share the event’s hashtag, topic and theme hashtags from previous years. Go find key hashtags here from any of these free tools
  • Create a brief social post for your employees to share – perhaps a video for all those visual learners. 
  • Create a mini communications plan starting two weeks out from the event. It’s the perfect amount of time to tease out the event and promote actionable items -- maybe with incentives -- for your employees. 

You’ve already invested time and resources in the event itself. Don’t make the mistake of missing the opportunity to leverage your biggest assets and brand advocates -- your employees. Get Internal Communications on board, formulate a plan and watch your metrics and reach for your event skyrocket. 

-Christina Alexiades, executive director, leads the social center of excellence for a global B2B company, with a special interest in cross-functional team collaboration to maximize results.  Connect with Christina on Linkedin