Blogging for beginners

Where to start

The Internet, and more specifically, social media, has forged an avenue of endless potential for industry experts to amplify their message and connect with influential and innovative thinkers they otherwise wouldn’t. 

It’s also a great place to discover the content these thinkers are creating as well as share your own. 

Not only does blogging, and sharing it across social media, help up your credibility with a digital audience, but it provides valuable benefit to your SEO (search engine optimization). 

Those who regularly use social media and publish content, like blogs, tend to dominate their search results with assets they own themselves, giving them the unique power of painting a relevant and rich experience for clients, colleagues, and connections to find when searching for you. (And, let’s admit it, we all give people a Google after making a new connection…) 

Don’t have a personal website or hook-up to get you on No problem! There’s a blogging tool that you probably already have access to, with a built-in engaged following, and you may not even know it: LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn’s publishing platform makes it easy helps you create visually digestible blogs to share your professional insights and takeaways to an audience of users already engaged and ready to hear from you. 

You might be wondering what the difference is between LinkedIn’s publishing platform and a typical LinkedIn update you’d see scrolling through your feed. Great question! 

Updates are there for LinkedIn users to share their professional expertise, experiences, and anecdotes with their connections and the larger community. It’s meant to serve as a quick way to keep your connections updated and will be broadcasted their homepage.  Updates are limited to about 1300 characters. 

Articles provide a space for LinkedIn users to write more in-depth about their professional expertise, whether it be obstacles they’ve surmounted, the direction they see their industry moving in, and more. Articles are intended to be longer than posts and can be a maximum of 125k characters 

Featuring the ability to embed video and photos right within your post, create subtitles, lists, and more, LinkedIn’s publishing tool takes the guesswork out of blogging and provides an all-in-one platform for even the most basic of bloggers. Even better? You don’t have to be on LinkedIn to read all the insightful content being created on their publishing platform, so feel free to spam your contacts inboxes with your latest post! Feeling inspired? Get started today and use the LinkedIn Support articles linked below to help answer any questions you may have along the way. Don’t know where to begin? Might I recommend sharing your expertise on topics and themes you’re looking forward to discussing or hearing about at CERAWeek 2020?

-Megan Bradley is the Social Media Strategist for IHS Markit. Connect with Megan on LinkedIn.