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Unlocking Africa's Oil & Gas Resources

Wednesday, 9 March

7:30 am - 8:35 am (CST) / 09/mar/2022 01:30 pm - 09/mar/2022 02:35 pm
Sub-Saharan Africa boasts abundant oil and gas resources, a population that is expected to double by 2050, and some of the highest GDP growth rates in the world. While renewables will be an important component of the region’s energy future, more critical for the region, which grapples with endemic energy and economic poverty, will be its ability to monetize natural oil and gas resources to support government revenues, livelihoods, and economic diversification. How do global energy transition considerations affect the major projects that are in the pipeline and new prospects for the region? What local factors and decisions, such as government policies, technology choice, and access to finance can hinder or accelerate their development? What are the prospects for gas, not only for export, but also for domestic markets? 
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