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The Road to CERAWeek 2023: Webinar Series

A webinar series in the lead up to CERAWeek 2023, March 6-10 in Houston, TX

CERAWeek 2023 Webinar Series

The Road to CERAWeek 2023 webinar series featured discussions with S&P Global experts on clean energy, hydrogen, and finance, and a conversation with Jigar Shah, Director, DOE Loan Programs Office.

    The Hydrogen Challenge: Building a new industry in a period of global turbulence

    Low-carbon gases-alongside electrification and efficiency-are an integral part of a low-carbon future. Government incentives have turbocharged interest, particularly for green hydrogen. If hydrogen is to meet these ambitions, development needs to accelerate and costs need to fall. Critical questions for the future include: how will the market respond to incentives, how quickly will the cost of low-carbon hydrogen decline, what will be the mix of hydrogen from different supply sources and how quickly will demand grow?


    Finance at CERAWeek 2023: Evolving energy transition drives capital evolution

    If 2022 was the year of “more of everything” for energy investment, 2023 is increasingly shaping up as a year of tradeoffs. The early weeks of 2023 have already given way to a new paradigm, in which financial markets are providing new pathways, instrumentation and instruments to move allocated capital into energy investments.


    Investing in America's Energy Future - A Conversation with Jigar Shah

    In this webinar, Jigar Shah, Director, DOE Loan Programs Office, explains various programs that fall under the LPO, the technologies that are covered, how clean energy investors can work with LPO, and how they can engage Jigar and his team at CERAWeek.