The Road to CERAWeek 2022: Webinar Series

Watch discussions on the key themes featured at CERAWeek 2022

  • 15 February 

    Our theme, "Pace of Change: Energy, Climate, and Innovation", addresses the challenges and opportunities of reducing emissions while supplying the needs of a growing global economy. 

  • 10 February 

    Recalibrating the world's energy system to meet net-zero targets and to ensure energy production will meet demand will require trillions of dollars of investment. How will investors navigate these risks and opportunities? 

  • 3 February 

    Critical questions for the future include: how quickly will the cost of low-carbon hydrogen decline, what will be the mix of hydrogen from different supply sources and how quickly will demand grow?

  • A uniquely-informed dialogue led by IHS Markit vice chairman and Pulitzer Prize winner, Daniel Yergin that details the dynamics of the supply chain crisis and what it means for business in 2022.