CERAWeek 2021

The New Map: Energy, Climate, and Charting the Future

Program Themes

Energy Transition, Climate & ESG

Climate change and energy transition are driving fundamental shifts in investment, regulatory policy, technology, strategy, and industry structure. The environmental agenda will accelerate in the run-up to COP26 and in response to growing political and popular calls for net-zero emissions. What strategies and investments will companies adopt to meet these demands? How will the industry continue to invest in the supplies needed to meet growing energy demand while meeting low-carbon objectives? What are the fuels of the future? How will environmental regulations alter the competitive playing field for energy? What are the risks and investment opportunities ahead? 

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The New Map of Geopolitics

The geopolitical map is being reshaped by recent election outcomes as well as by responses to the pandemic, growing nationalism, and trade renegotiations. The US–China relationship central to the global economy remains tense. All of this creates considerable risk and uncertainty for the global energy industry. What is the emerging new map of geopolitics and what does it mean for energy supply chains? How will the growing rifts impact energy trade, risk management, and capital flows? How will this impact investment risk and strategy? 

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Economic Recovery, Markets & Investment

Recalibrating the world’s energy system to meet net-zero targets and low-carbon ambitions will require trillions of dollars of investment over the coming decades. Trillions more will be needed to ensure energy production will meet demand. These investment needs come as the global economy faces a fragile post-pandemic recovery. How will markets and economies navigate the current downturn? Regulators and investors are increasingly pushing companies for “Paris-compliant” strategies and climate impact metrics. How will capital be repurposed and restructured to meet investor ESG demands and the green energy ambitions of industries and governments? 

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Innovation & Technology

Innovation and technology are playing an ever more strategic role in the energy transition. The energy innovation ecosystem is accelerating, driven both by the response to the pandemic and by cost, safety, resilience, and environmental imperatives. What are the most exciting technology advances on the horizon, and will they scale within the required timeframe? What role will hydrogen, renewables, nuclear, and CCUS play? What are the emerging models of innovation? How are the roles shifting among industry, government, finance, and academia? How can companies adapt to a world of continuous disruptive waves of innovation and technology? Which technology pathways are most promising to achieve low-carbon objectives? What role will major technology companies play, and what new partnerships and collaborations are emerging?

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Workforce of the Future

The human resources that fuel the industry’s growth and success is evolving. Attracting and retaining talent will be a critical source of competitive advantage. What skills are needed for the energy industry of the future? How can the industry attract next-gen workers? How can industry remain in-step with society’s evolving values on ESG, race, diversity, and inclusion?

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