Executive Conference

Gas Power English to Chinese, Chinese to English

Developing Gas-to-Power & the LNG Value Chain in Asia

Wednesday, March 13

11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Asia’s electricity demand continues to surge, and an “all-of-the-above” strategy appears to have emerged as countries are investing in all forms of electric power generation. For the global gas and LNG industry, the future of gas-fired power is a big question for future gas supply and demand. In many parts of Asia, gas faces cost competitiveness challenges, but it is considered a greener fuel with an environmental premium over coal. At the same time, it requires significant value chain development and investment—from regasification terminals to pipelines—as well as stable gas supply. Which markets are moving faster to develop new gas-fired power plants in emerging Asia? What are the key opportunities and challenges facing gas-for-power? Is there a case for integrated value chain development from gas/LNG resource procurement to downstream infrastructure investment?

Session Speakers
  • Xizhou Zhou

    IHS Markit

    Managing Director

  • Gaku Takagi

    JERA Co.

    Senior Vice President, Value Chain Business Development

  • Didik Sasongko Widi

    PT Badak NGL

    President Director & CEO

  • Seng Wai Lee


    Director, Policy and Planning Department

  • Danielle Guccione


    Global Director, Business Development, LNG

  • Zhi Xin Chong

    IHS Markit

    Associate Director, Southeast Asia Power, Gas, Coal and Renewables, Energy