Executive Conference

Geopolitics/Energy Policy/Economics English to Spanish

Latin Energy: Aiming for competitiveness

Tuesday, March 12

07:30 am - 08:40 am

Latin American industry seeks oil, gas, and power supplies that support their competitiveness. Consumers seek affordable energy access. Fuel prices are affecting elections throughout the region. How does Latin America build a competitive energy market place? How do governments attract private investment throughout the value chain? How are consumer expectations shaping policies and markets?

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Session Speakers
  • Bob Fryklund

    IHS Markit

    Chief Upstream Strategist, Energy

  • Gustavo Baquero


    SVP, Operations Technology Excellence, Development & Production International

  • Felipe Arbelaez


    Regional President, Latin America

  • Enrique Hidalgo


    President, ExxonMobil Exploracion y Produccion Mexico