Session Details

Plenary - Digital Transformation: Driving sustainable operations

Monday, March 9

03:20 pm - 04:05 pm

The energy industry faces more complex challenges than ever, some of them existential. Technological advancements plus business drivers and models, make up the foundation of a massive digital transformation, with industry applying a tremendous amount of resources to it. At a time of increased complexity, profitability pressures, and a constrained carbon future, this digital transformation will be crucial to business growth and profit but must also be sustainable. How is digital transformation measured and where is the industry along this path? Where are the big successes coming from? Do they stand on their own or are they part of a larger, integrated, sustainable ecosystem? How does a successful digital strategy come together for an energy company and are the gains sustainable? 

Session Speakers
  • David Hicks

    IHS Markit

    Senior Vice President, Upstream Energy

  • Peter Terwiesch

    ABB Ltd

    President Industrial Automation & Member of the Group Executive Committee

  • Bill Vass

    Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    Vice President of Technology

  • Antonio Pietri

    Aspen Technology, Inc.

    President & Chief Executive Officer