Executive Conference


North American Gas Market: Prospects for 2019

Wednesday, March 13

07:30 am - 08:35 am

After a wild winter ride with prices rising to above $4.50/MMBtu and then quickly crashing back below $3.00, what are the expectations for 2019? Are producers making money at $2.60? Is the symbiotic relationship between gas and coal changing? Are LNG exports contributing to the price rise? Does gas have a role to play in ameliorating climate concerns? Are trade concerns impacting the market? Join us for a market discussion as we sit down with major participants to get their thoughts on where the market is headed and why.

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Session Speakers
  • Samuel Andrus

    IHS Markit

    Executive Director, Energy

  • Blue Jenkins

    EQT Corporation

    EVP, Commercial, Business Development, Information Technology & Safety

  • Corey Grindal

    Cheniere Energy

    Senior Vice President, Gas Supply

  • John Schultz


    President, Centrica North America and Direct Energy Business

  • Kenneth B. Medlock

    Baker Institute for Public Policy

    Senior Director, Center for Energy Studies