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Session Details

Infrastructure Networks, a TPH partner | 5G & IIoT: The future of oilfield communications

Wednesday, March 11

04:30 pm - 05:00 pm

As advanced as the oil and gas industry is today, it’s not when it comes to benefiting from the “digital oilfield.” Operators still struggle with basic field connectivity at their remote and distributed well pads and facilities. Mark Slaughter, CEO, Infrastructure Networks (INET), will discuss how INET is helping operators overcome these challenges to field connectivity with its private, licensed 4G/5G-capable network that is partnered with leading digital technology providers to deliver IIoT solutions across drilling, completions, and production sites in major US shale basins. How is INET working today with progressive operators to deploy 5G pilots in the Permian Basin?

Session Speakers
  • Stan Hughey

    Infrastructure Networks

    Chief Technology Officer