Innovation Agora

Transportation/Mobility Technology/Innovation

Integrated Transport Systems for the Future City

Thursday, March 14

09:00 am - 10:00 am

New models for personal mobility, public transport, and urban development highlight the need for a new paradigm in the city of the future. How will EVs, ride-sharing and autonomous vehicles reshape the future of urban mobility? How will cities develop integrated long-term approaches to urban transportation systems in the face of considerable short-term uncertainty over future technology and consumer preferences? What are the policy and investment choices, and what can be gleaned from new means of data analytics?

Session Speakers
  • Katherine Hardin

    IHS Markit

    Vice President

  • Abe Yokell

    Congruent Ventures

    Co-Founder & Managing Partner

  • Aric Ohana

    Envoy Technologies


  • Adie Tomer

    Brookings Institution

    Fellow - Metropolitan Policy Program

  • Mohd Najib Mohd

    Kuala Lumpur City Hall

    Executive Director, Project Management