Executive Conference

Transportation/Mobility Oil

Cars & Oil: Reshaping demand

Tuesday, March 12

11:35 am - 12:35 pm

The future of light vehicle refined product demand has become more uncertain due to the impact of EVs, ride-hailing services, driverless technology, and government policies. What will the impact be on refined product demand—and when? Is a peak in overall oil demand looming in the years ahead—or is it decades into the future?

Session Speakers
  • Daniel Evans

    IHS Markit

    Vice President, Global Refining & Marketing Research

  • B. Anand

    Nayara Energy

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Marianne Kah

    Columbia University Center on Global Energy Policy

    Adjunct Senior Research Scholar & Advisory Board Member

  • Ayed S. Al-Qahtani

    Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)

    Director of Research Division

  • Liu ChaoQuan

    CNPC Economics & Technology Research Institute

    Vice President