Executive Conference

Finance/Trading/Risk Management Power

Financing Power: Adjusting to the new risk profile

Thursday, March 14

11:30 am - 12:30 pm

The electric power industry is being challenged to adapt to new technologies, new policy mandates, and new market structures. As the array of market players and market roles becomes more complex, opportunities to create economic value are shifting and risks are rising. How do these unsettled conditions affect the cost of capital today for power investments? What are the mid-term prospects for project financing? How are markets valuing the industry’s existing asset inventory?

Session Speakers
  • Timothy Gardner

    IHS Markit

    Vice President, Power and Gas Consulting

  • Steven Winn

    JERA Americas

    Chief Development Officer

  • Jeffrey Holzschuh 

    Morgan Stanley

    Chairman, Institutional Securities Group

  • Jonathon Kaufman

    Credit Suisse

    Co-Head of Power & Renewables Group - Americas

  • Adi Blum


    Managing Director, Energy & Power Infrastructure