Executive Conference

Climate/Environment/Sustainability Gas English to Russian English to Chinese

CCUS Strategies & Business Models

Wednesday, March 13

04:20 pm - 05:00 pm

Carbon capture, use, and storage is recognized as a vital option in the quest to reduce carbon emissions. The technology exists and is proven, but deployment needs to accelerate. How can policymakers and industry participants work together to provide the necessary incentives to spur activity and gain public trust?

Session Speakers
  • Atul Arya

    IHS Markit

    Senior Vice President and Chief Energy Strategist

  • Mark W. Menezes

    United States Department of Energy

    Under Secretary of Energy

  • Sally M. Benson

    Stanford University

    Co-Director of Precourt Institute for Energy, Professor of Energy Resources Engineering

  • Dr. Pratima Rangarajan

    OGCI Climate Investments

    Chief Executive Officer

  • John Mingé

    BP America

    Former Chairman and President