Executive Conference

Power Geopolitics/Energy Policy/Economics

North American Refining: Will it remain an export powerhouse?

Tuesday, March 12

07:30 am - 08:40 am

The United States is becoming one the major refined products exports centers in the world. The irresistible force of rising crude oil NGLs production in the United States and Canada combined with limited demand growth, rising biofuels use, and integrated low-cost refining position the United States for refined products export growth. Rising export growth will present opportunities and challenges both in markets and infrastructure. Is the United States sustainably competitive with other export refining centers? How much more refinery and logistics infrastructure modifications are needed?

Session Speakers
  • Kevin Lindemer

    IHS Markit

    Managing Director, Downstream Consulting, Energy

  • Tom Kloza

    IHS Markit

    Global Head of Energy Analysis, Oil Price Information Service (OPIS)

  • Robert Kreider


    Head of Strategic Management and Development Group, North America

  • Keith Chiasson


    Executive Vice-President, Downstream