Executive Conference


Asian NOCs: Repositioning portfolios for growth

Tuesday, March 12

07:30 am - 08:40 am

The growing disparity in the energy balance, and the relative upturn in oil prices, was expected to spurn a renewed international growth phase for Asian NOCs, but activity has been relatively muted in the M&A space. Instead, greater focus is being put forth on domestic and regional assets, which are an avenue for growth in the medium term. Separately, key producing contracts are transitioning to host NOCs, which could have a marked impact on the future competitive landscape, investment/production outlook, and exploration activity for the region. What are the near-term priorities shaping portfolio decisions? How central is technology and innovation to unlocking new resources? How will the changing competitive landscape impact regional investment?

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Session Speakers
  • Nick Sharma

    IHS Markit

    Executive Director, Asia Pacific, Upstream Oil & Gas Insight

  • Dharmawan Samsu

    PT Pertamina

    Upstream Director

  • Shashi Shanker

    Oil and Natural Gas Corporation

    Chairman & Managing Director