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Domestic Gas Pricing in Asia: How to accommodate new supply?

Wednesday, March 13

07:30 am - 08:35 am

Governments across Asia are looking at natural gas and LNG as prime candidates to help address the local pollution and climate change issues. However, gas remains a premium fuel over the traditional fuel—coal—in many of these markets. As a result, it remains a challenging task to maintain domestic gas pricing at a level low enough to support demand growth but high enough to attract new supply. How will the governments’ efforts to balance affordability, reliability, and sustainability affect gas demand growth in key Asian markets? Which domestic gas pricing mechanism will prevail in Asia? What are the progress to-date and remaining challenges facing Asian gas pricing hubs?

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Session Speakers
  • Jenny Yang

    IHS Markit

    Director, China Power, Gas, Coal and Renewables

  • Kunio Nohata

    Tokyo Gas

    Member of the Board and Senior Executive Officer

  • Gang Chen

    Shanghai Petroleum and Natural Gas Exchange

    Chairman & CEO Assistant

  • Prabhat Singh

    Petronet LNG Ltd.

    Managing Director & CEO

  • Parulian Sihotang

    SKK Migas

    Deputy of Finance and Monetization