Lyceum Labs: Afternoon Labs

Oil Gas Climate/Environment/Sustainability

Decarbonization of Liquid Fuel: Are the programs working?

Tuesday, March 12

05:00 pm - 05:50 pm

The Transportation sector is one of the largest sources of global carbon emissions, responsible for 14% of GHG emissions globally but 28% of US GHG emissions (EPA estimates). Currently, the vast majority of the transport sector’s emissions come from combustion of petroleum-derived fuels. The sector is thus a key target in efforts to reduce carbon emissions and reduce fossil fuel consumption. In this Lyceum Lab, we will discuss the major pathways for reducing the carbon footprint of transportation, include increasing vehicle efficiency, electrification, and reducing the carbon intensity of motor fuels, focusing on progress achieved in the light and heavy duty vehicle segments.

Session Speakers
  • Blake Eskew


    Vice President, Oil Markets, Midstream, Downstream & Chemicals

  • Denton Cinquegrana

    IHS Markit

    Chief Oil Analyst, OPIS

  • Kevin Lindemer

    IHS Markit

    Managing Director, Downstream Consulting, Energy

  • Steven Knell

    IHS Markit

    Director, Energy Wide Perspectives