Executive Conference

Power Climate/Environment/Sustainability

Global Solar: Shifting the focus from cost to value

Thursday, March 14

11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Solar has witnessed a very rapid deployment globally, becoming the most installed source of new power generation, with over 40% of total capacity additions in 2017. Dramatic cost reductions have been driving this rapid deployment and, in some geographies, PV is already the cheapest source of generation on an LCOE basis. However, future development is challenged by the gradual phase out of direct subsidies across the world, the increased exposure of solar assets to market risks, and price cannibalization in more mature markets. As the penetration and market exposure of solar continues to rapidly increase, the questions around the value of intermittent generation, the role of flexibility and batteries, technology, and emerging business models become more pressing.

Session Speakers
  • Francesco d’Avack

    IHS Markit

    Senior Analyst, Global Renewables

  • John Berger

    Sunnova Energy Corporation

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Emily Heitman

    Schneider Electric

    Vice President, US & Canada

  • Nathanaël Esposito

    RWE Renewables Americas

    President Solar PV & Storage

  • Francis O'Sullivan

    Lincoln Clean Energy (LCE)

    Senior Vice President, Strategy