Executive Conference

Oil Gas Geopolitics/Energy Policy/Economics

The Growing North American Resource Base: How high & how long?

Tuesday, March 12

11:35 am - 12:35 pm

Since its appearance a decade ago, shale production of both oil and gas has boomed, reversing a 40-year decline in North American production and surviving a severe price downturn. But like all resources, shale fields are finite. A look at the oldest shale plays shows how maturation and exhaustion eventually limit production. Furthermore, new demands from investors may change the trajectory of output. This session will explore the lifespan, potential, and governors of the North American shale phenomenon, as well as the realities that work to limit its impact on global markets.

Session Speakers
  • Raoul LeBlanc

    IHS Markit

    Vice President, North American Unconventionals

  • Mark G. Papa

    Centennial Resource Development, Inc.

    Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

  • Timothy E. Perry

    Credit Suisse

    Global Co-Head of Oil and Gas Investment Banking

  • Brian Falik

    Mercuria Energy Trading

    Chief Investment Officer

  • Greg Powers


    Vice President of Innovation