Executive Conference

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Global Upstream Strategies: Diversification versus specialization

Tuesday, March 12

11:35 am - 12:35 pm

Since the oil price drop in 2014, oil & gas companies have refocused their portfolios in search of cost competitiveness. As a result, more companies have become de-facto specialists for certain asset types or geographies (such as North American unconventionals, oil sands, integrated gas projects). Conversely, the energy transition is spurring some larger companies to diversify into low-carbon solutions. How will this dichotomy of specialization and diversification impact the design of future upstream portfolios? How will diversified players make their capital allocation decisions between quite different business segments? What impact will the energy transition have on each class of upstream players?

Session Speakers
  • Paul Markwell

    IHS Markit

    Vice President, Global Upstream Oil & Gas Insight

  • Katie Jackson


    Executive Vice President, Global Strategy & Business Development

  • Maria Moræus Hanssen

    DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Gordon Birrell


    Chief Operating Officer, Production, Transformation & Carbon

  • Geraldine Slattery


    President Operations Petroleum