Session Details

Innovations in Long-duration Energy Storage

Thursday, March 12

12:30 pm - 01:20 pm

With over half of US states adopting renewable energy goals, and countries across the world setting ambitious renewable targets, the need for long-duration bulk storage is becoming pressing as evidenced by ever-increasing amounts of curtailed renewable electricity. Matching abundant, low-cost, renewable generation supply with demand throughout the year requires longer-duration storage, including multi-day and seasonal storage. Without significant deployment of long-duration storage, clean energy policy goals will not be met. What technologies will play the greatest role in providing long-duration storage? How can we best value the reliability provided by long-duration storage? 

Session Speakers
  • Julian Jansen

    IHS Markit

    Research & Analysis Manager, Energy Storage

  • Enass Abo-Hamed

    H2GO Power Ltd.

    CEO & Co-Founder

  • Janice Lin

    Strategen Consulting & Green Hydrogen Coalition

    Founder & CEO

  • Matthew Senesky

    Amber Kinetics

    General Manager, US Operations & VP of Engineering